The Victorian Seance-The Victorian Seance

Meet the Cast...

      The Victorian Seance show is presented by highly experienced actors and performers. The show features Mr Paul Voodini as the Victorian story-teller; he is joined by 'The Spirit'. The role of The Spirit is played by either Miss Maxine Dubois or Miss Catherine Fox.

Mr Paul Voodini - the Victorian Story-Teller

Miss Maxine Dubois (left) & Miss Catherine Fox play The Spirit

The Victorian Seance cast bring with them years of experience in the performance arts. All are Equity members. Mr Paul Voodini works as a performer within the magic and mystery arts, and regulalry runs workshops for other performers, helping them the hone their skills and abilities. In 2012 he was voted 'Mystery Entertainer of the Year' by the British Society of Mystery Entertainers. Miss Maxine Dubois is a theatre actress and has performed in major Rep in theatres in London's Westend, Broadway, and LA. She frequents UK TV soap operas and commercials. Miss Catherine Fox tours the world with her own sideshow and magic act. She also works regularly alongside magicians, sideshow artists, and escapologists.

When you book the Victorian Seance, this is the level of experience and professionalism you are booking.

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