The Victorian Seance-The Victorian Seance

The Victorian Seance

     Let the Victorian Seance transport you and your guests back in time, to a time of Victorian ghost stories, spirit communication, flickering candles and dancing shadows! This show is Deliciously Dark and Gloriously Gothic!

The show begins with Mr Paul Voodini, the Victorian story-teller, regaling your guests with long-forgotten witch tales, ghost stories, and spooky poems from the Victorian era and beyond. However as his presentation continues, it becomes apparent that the ghosts are not confined to Mr Voodini's tales! A presence begins to make itself known, and as the show continues, this presence grows in strength until The Spirit manifests itself before your guests.

Your guests are invited to take part in a seance, which gives The Spirit the energy she requires to establish communication. The tale that she tells is one of betrayal and horror. Will The Spirit be finally laid to rest, or will she continue the haunt this world, a soul in eternal torment?

By turns enthralling, disturbing, but also darkly humorous and told with a twinkle in the eye, this is an immersive theatrical experience unlike any other. When we call out to the spirit realm, who knows who - or what - will answer?

Recent audience feedback:

"Really enjoyed the performance and the joy of story-telling!"
"Loved the theatre of it! Dramatic and enjoyable!"
"Took me in and out of my comfort zone!"
"Very gripping! Truly spellbinding!"
(all feedback from performance at Barnsley Civic Theatre, 13/09/2018)

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